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Jul 2, 2019

Talkbox! Episode 167 is here for you and a good A side leads things off. Main Events CEO, Kathy Duva, shares some light into the matchmaking world. She also addresses the rumours of the Canelo Kovalev showdown. Tons of educational and good conversation from Kathy you definitely do not want to miss. 

Jerry Forrest is on at Talkbox, sporting his strong 25-2 record in the heavyweight division. He talks on fellow prospect Jermain Franklin and shares how he thinks the fight will go down. Definitely a fight you do not want to miss coming up on July 12th.

Finally, Gordon Marino joins Woodsy to close the show. The two chit chat about Gordon's new book, like, and the boxing wisdom both men have from being around the sport from early on. 

Everything is here and live on Talkbox 167!

Jun 25, 2019

Talkbox! On this Tuesday afternoon right in time for the commute.

Leading off and still riding cloud nine is trainer and great man of integrity, Manny Robles. Manny is gracious enough to share his time in the midst of making the rounds with his heavyweight champ, Andy Ruiz. He talks about his background, what he thinks about the rematch, and what he looks for in terms of values.

Next up is the undefeated contender challenging for the IBF world title on the Thurman-Pacquiao card, Mike Lee. Mike talks about having training camp in California, dropping a weight class, and all things leading up to his bout against Caleb Plant. 

Saul Rodriguez is someone you want to get to know. He will be fighting on ESPN on 6/28. Saul has had an up and down in terms of promoters. He shares the hardships he has overcome in his career and his fighting style to us all.

Last but not least, Mark Fratto joins us to talk with Woodsy on all things Friday Night Live fights while bringing his own A grade personality spin on things. 

Jun 18, 2019

Talkbox has two A listers today! Leading off the show is Hall of Fame promoter of TopRank, Bob Arum. Bob shares his recap of the big Tyson Fury weekend and his dream fights in the possible future... Crawford/Spence maybe?


Art Lovely comes back in studio to also share his view on the boxing landscape. There's a lot of wisdom and Bostonian accents in his conversation with Woodsy. 

You don't want to miss this one! Episode 165 live now!

Jun 12, 2019

Part 2 of Talkbox episode 164! Adam Kownacki leads it off and joins us in studio! He's an undefeated Polish-American heavyweight who has a fight coming up. He talks about building his brand, his thoughts his boxing camps, and even his thoughts on everyone else as a potential opponent.

Rafe Bartholomew phones in next. Rafe is a contributor for big sports publications such as the Athletic and Grantland. He also has a book a few books on his resume. He phones in to talk all things boxing with Woodsy.

Xavier Porter closes the show. Xavier Porter is the co-host of Facebook Fight Night Live with Woodsy. The partner in crime and Woodsy chit chat on the GGG fight and many more!


Jun 11, 2019

TalkBox Boxing Podcast consistently bringing you stacked cards on Tuesday. This card again was too stacked for one episode.

Leading off the first half of the episode is trainer and former boxer, Jonathon Banks. Banks and his fighter, GGG, is coming off of a fourth round knockout victory, but the new duo is still looking for more improvements. Banks talks with Woodsy on his post fight thoughts and reactions. 

Boxing Hall of Fame inductee, Lee Samuels, joins in next. Lee is a publicist for TopRank and has done enough work to be recognized as one of the best in boxing. Mr. Samuels shares his story of how he got started and also some stories of working with fighters in their media events.

Finally, we close the show with rising prospect, D'Mitrius Ballard. The Big Meech is 20-0 with 13 knockouts and is looking to be a star in the crowded middleweight division. He has a fight coming up soon! Get him on your radar and check him out Talkbox Boxing Podcast EP 164!

Jun 5, 2019

Part 2 on this edition of Talkbox! Woodsy rolls on with Hall of Fame matchmaker Ron Katz! Ron Katz shares his thoughts on the Ruiz fight and how he actually predicted how the Joshua-Ruiz fight would go down.

Matt Macklin sticks around to give us more of his wisdom in his gorgeous accent. And Lou DiBella talks about some cards he will showcase, such as the possibility of Rolls Ruiz-ing Golovkin. 

All that and more in this second half edition of episode 163. 

Jun 4, 2019

Talkbox! Here to recap a HUGE weekend is Woodsy and friends. First up, we catch up with Kelly Pavlik and what he's up to these days. If you heard him on the Joe Rogan podcast, you get to hear him again and hear what's going on for the former middleweight champ. 

Up next, former possible opponent and middleweight contender, Matthew Macklin. Matthew brings his accent and the widsom he accrued throughout his sixteen year career. He was ringside on Saturday night for the Joshua-Ruiz card. Here what he has to say and more!

Rounding out the first half of episode 163 is fellow podcaster and SI Boxing contributor, Chris Mannix. He called the fight for Joshua-Ruiz and he shares his thoughts on the impact that upset will have on the sport. 

Keep an eye for part 2 of episode 163, but not before you check out this episode on Talkbox!

May 29, 2019

Talkbox! There have been a lot of moving parts in boxing during the month of May. A big part of that industry is promoting giant, TopRank boxing. Bob Arum shares whats going on in his end and other topics, such as the heavyweight division landscape, Errol vs Spence, and finding an opponent for Loma.

Joe Santoliquito is looking forward to the Boxing Writers Association of America awards. He's here to tell you why you should be too!

It's ready and live for you. Episode 162 of Talkbox is live!

May 22, 2019

Talkbox! We have a good one here for you folks. Female fighter and longtime friend of Woodsy, Heather Hardy, joins the show. Heather is a boxing world champion and Bellator MMA fighter. She shares how she's juggling her championship responsibilities while also chasing her MMA dreams. 

Next up, we will hear what TopRank prospect, Andy Vences, and his mustache is up to. Andy is undefeated and he'll share his thoughts on how title shots are being distributed. He'll also share his mentality on how his opponent picked the wrong guy to mess with.

Breadman Edwards is back to do a bread check on woodsy. Last week he was cashing checks, this week he's doing his taxes. However, the trainer of Julian Williams always has some knowledge to share on issues such as drug testing, the heavyweight division, and more.

David Feldman from Bare Knuckle FC phones in to talk some Lobov-Malignaggi. That's a huge fight for the Bare Knuckle FC and a lot of heat throughout the promotions. Stay till the end of the EP to hear some rifts and thoughts Woodsy has had from the Wilder fight. 

Every aspect of the industry covered, from women's boxing to the economics of the Wilder fight. Talkbox is live!

May 14, 2019

So much wisdom here on Talkbox episode 160! A huge win for Julian Williams' team and the head coach behind that win, trainer Breadman Edwards, joins us as he cashes his checks... Literally! Hear the behind the scenes and motivation Breadman had to give his fighter, J-Rock, before the fight of his life.

More wisdom coming from Philly sports writer, Joe Santoliquito. He gives some insight into his thoughts on being a boxing contributor these days and what he thought about his hometown fighter coming away with the victory.

Undefeated female fighter, Raquel "Pretty Beast" Miller, is up third! She has a fight coming up and looks to take a big step up in competition. Hear her mindset and how she got into boxing. Always good to hear from our female fighters on how the industry is evolving with them.

Finally, Ring Magazine contributor and author, Bill Detloff closes the show. He provides some great insight into how he got into the boxing business and writing for one of the all time greats, Joe Frazier.

It's all here for you now, courtesy of Woodsy and Everlast, Talkbox episode 160.

May 8, 2019

Talkbox episode 159 part two! Card was too stacked that we split it into halves. Leading off the second half is Devin Haney! Devin is an undefeated super prospect and recently signed an exclusive deal to be streamed on DAZN. He is ranked near the top on every sanctioning board at just 20 years old.

Next up, Mario Barrios is a welterweight prospect, looking to showcase his skills on the Hurd-Williams fight card. Don't blink when you see the 23-0 prospect go to work, and listen in on why he is on Woodsy's watch list.

David Avila is up next. He is a fellow reporter with some strong feelings on how certain aspects of women's boxing is being run. He'll speak his mind on a few topics that don't get enough light in the boxing industry. 

Mark Fratto closes the show. Mark is the CEO of Facebook's Friday Night Fights. He'll give us an update on some cards he's promoting while checking in on his analyst Woodsy. 

May 7, 2019

Talkbox back at you with episode 159. The Card was too stacked so it will be split into two. First off, we have actor, Holt McCallany, and head of WBC Cares initiative, Jill Diamond, joining Woodsy in studio. The two guests share their boxing fan perspectives while also sharing the good work they are doing with the sport of boxing. You might recognize Holt from his works in the Netflix series, Mindhunter, and some from his other work in Fight Club, The Losers, and ShotCallers.

Next up, we have the heavy weight Destroyer, Andy Ruiz. The heavyweight star, Andy Ruiz is the next opponent for Anthony Joshua and shares how his camp is going. Does Woodsy offer him a snickers bar? Catch it all here on the first half of episode 159.

Apr 30, 2019

Talkbox is back at on this Tuesday! Starting off the show is trainer, former world champ, and Hall of Famer, Buddy McGirt. Buddy talks about being newly inducted and looks back on his career.

Sports Illustrated writer and fellow podcaster, Chris Mannix, joins the show. He'll give his two cents on the Canelo Jacobs fight, Big Baby's suspension, and everything else going on in the boxing world.

If you missed the potential knock out of the year submission made by Nonito Donaire, Youtube it and check out the next guest. Nonito himself joins us as he's taking time off after that fight. He takes us through the knockout and also shares who he wants next.

New school sports marketer and award winner, Jay Chaudry his clean up. He has won some awards for boosting the marketing profiles for boxers and shares why some new school thinking is needed for these pugilists. Gina Andriolo is heralded as the real bosswoman behind the scenes by Woodsy. She'll talk about the Boxing Writers Association of America and the big dinner they are having soon in NYC. Check it out! Talkbox is now 158 episodes in and live. 

Apr 23, 2019

TalkBox Tuesday coming at you again. The A-side for today is Sho Sports director Stephen Espinoza. Woodsy is pumped as they talk about all things in and outside of the ring. 

Stockton fighter/Top Rank prospect, Gabriel Flores joins the show. Woodsy tries to pry out what type of fighter Gabriel is as he is set to put on a show on ESPN and in his hometown. 


Former kickboxing legend and Professional Fight League executive, Ray Sefo is on board. He phones in to talk all things PFL and gives a background just in case you forgot who he was. You can catch the PFL as they are hosted on ESPN as well. 

Last but not least, for all you hardcore fans, Alonzo from the Boxing Fan Expo is on the call. He shares a few secrets, like who will appear at the expo. Definitely stick around and check out what he has in store for the Boxing Fan Expo

Apr 17, 2019

One, two, three, four, five, six, SEVEN guests today on Talkbox! Woodsy was on the phone all day to bring you a solid card of interviews on this podcasting hour. First off, we get to hear how Shotime caster, Al Bernstein, has been doing in the boxing world and how his world is after he beat cancer. 

Former world champ and subject of the movie Bleed for This, Vinny Pazienza is next, and he's got some crazy stories from his life, along with his journey to eventually being in the Boxing Hall of Fame. 

Longtime Light Heavyweight contender, Sean Monoghan, recently announced his retirement via social media. We get to look back on his career with him and share how he will enjoy riding off to the sunset.

Batting cleanup is Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship promoter, David Feldman. Not only did he put on the Lobov-Knight card, but he is going to share with us some details as to where the possible Lobov-Malignaggi fight will take place. 

Something different for number five, we have ESPN Insider, Johnny Wilds, on to share his perspective on the betting world and its odds in boxing. Randy Gordon, former commissioner and now author of his new book, Glove Affair, gives a quick rift on his new book. Dmitry Salita closes out the show, sharing his thoughts on the fighters in his stable. Included in that stable are Claressa Shields, Jarrell Miller, Jermaine Franklin, and Ja'Rico O'Quinn.

Apr 9, 2019

Talkbox Tuesday back at you with a loaded lineup. Peter Quillin phones in. He's been up to a lot after having another daughter recently. The proud new father is also fighting an IBF title eliminator this weekend against Caleb Traux.

Frank Galarza joins us live in studio to talk all things boxing and non-boxing. He talks about being the B-side and being the Brooklyn Rocky throughout his career. Frank headlines the Crawford-Khan preliminary card on 4/20, and you can catch it live on ESPN 2.

Legendary promoter Bob Arum has some things to say! He's promoting the fabulous lineup of cards he has coming up on ESPN+, along with some political commentary he shares when himself and Woodsy share their conversation.

Caleb Traux, fighting against Peter Quillin, is hoping to excite in his hometown this weekend! And Shawn Simpson is ready to make a statement on that card as well!

Tons of boxing and nonboxing content from the best in the business. Talkbox episode 155 live now!

Apr 3, 2019

Part two of the stacked Talkbox podcast. We have heavyweight prospect, Mike Hunter. Mike is a dark horse in the heavyweight division, being 16-1, and he shares why he is a force to be reckoned with. He may be the best heavyweight you haven’t heard of yet. Definitely tune in for this one!

Next up is part two of Art Lovely’s conversation with Woodsy. He shares good stories involving a hall of fame football coach, and continues to share the sports wisdom he has.

Finally rounding out this episode of Talkbox is reporter from the RingTv, Cynthia Conte share with Woodsy on what to learn from the Pulev/Sushe kiss incident. We’ll get to hear from another female where she feels Pulev and the reporter might have went wrong.


Apr 3, 2019

Talkbox episode has some personality for you! One might say too much since we cut it into two. In part one, we have Artem Lobov and Davis Feldman promoting the big move to Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. Artem shows off just a smidge of personality while Davis shares big plans for the promotion.

The podcast goes from 0 to 100 and then back to a calming tone with the great Art Lovely joining the podcast! What still excites the soon to be 91 year old friend of the podcast? Listen in and soak up some wisdom from this insightful conversation.

Last, but not least, in part one of this episode is 9-0 female fighter out of Mexico, Sulem Urbina. Sulem has some good answers for Mike when asked about the pressures women have in fighting and also gives an update of what promising land her career is headed towards.

Mar 26, 2019

A little Cajun seasoning to open up the show. Regis Prograis is currently the top ranked junior welterweight on BoxRec and he joined Woodsy to talk smack about the division. Also on the phone call, Regis shares his thoughts on Conor McGregor and the time he got in a fight at Big Five sporting goods. 

Tiara Brown phones in as well. Tiara is an undefeated boxer representing, not only women, but here fellow brothers and sisters in blue. She is a cop in the Washington D.C. area who also has plans to fight for regional and world title belts.

After all of this, if you haven't checked out Facebook's Fightnight Live, Mark Fratto joins the show to tell you why you should. All while holding his new 7 month old child!

Stay tuned till the end! Woodsy also gives his take on the McGregor retirement. Talkbox Podcast episode 153 powered by Everlast is coming at you now! 

Mar 19, 2019

Living legend George Foreman joins Michael Woods on this podcast. You'll want to hear what George shares since the recent tragic news of his daughter. He'll also chop it up with Woodsy on some boxing and the Spence v. Garcia fight.

Next up is PBC color commentator, boxing trainer, and owner of the best closet full of shirts in boxing, Joe Goossen. He'll also recap the Spence/Garcia fight, while also forecasting the upcoming Canelo v. Jacobs card and Crawford v. Khan.

Closing the show is up and coming prospect, Jarico O'Quinn. This Detroit fighter is joining fellow Michigan talents, Jermaine Franklin and Claressa Shields, on the April 13th Shotime card. Hear how this prospect got into boxing and how he got his do or die mentality.

There's a ton on this podcast for you today! Enjoy Talkbox podcast episode 152!

Mar 12, 2019

The lineup for todays show, Chris "the Heat" Van Heerden, Team OJ, Otto Wallin with his trainer Joey Gamache, and Mike Steadman.

Chris Van Heerden phones in and talks dedicating the rest of his career to his father who was tragically taken from him last December. He has a fight coming up on March 23rd, and you won't want to miss where he is in preparation for this one!

Next we have both OJ 2 and 3 phoning in from Soul City Toledo Ohio! Otha Jones III is coming off an impressive debut win against an opponent whom many thought was a tough opening act. 

Huge heavyweight prospect and Swedish import, Otto Wallin joins the set live in the Everlast New York HQ. Otto is 20-0, has previous sparring experience with the likes of Anthony Joshua, and shares his thoughts on the current heavyweight division.

Last but not least, founder of Ironbound boxing gym, Mike Steadman, rejoins the studio to provide us an update from episode 128. Hear about the beautiful work he is doing helping the inner city youth and connecting large corporate companies together at his Iron bound gym.

A little bit of everything today! Tune in to Talkbox episode 151 now!

Mar 5, 2019

Talkbox turns 150 today, and it is a stacked card.

First off, we have former world heavyweight champion and subject of Netflix series "Losers" first episode, Michael Bentt. Michael talks trials and tribulations that has built his acting skills and character. The Queens native also goes into his honest feelings of how he won and lost the heavyweight title of the world.

Next we have a pair of boxers with some big fights coming up. Two weight world champ, Jessie Vargas, talks about challenging himself in a new division and wanting to be a three weight class world champ. Mayweather Promotions prospect, Rolando Romero, shows off some confidence and shares some good stories of how he met Floyd. We'll also hear what he is expecting for the future of his career as he talks a little smack about possible opponent, Ryan Garcia. 

Closing episode 150 is author and character, Gabe Oppenheim. Gabe currently runs his own blog and shares how he fell in love with the sport of boxing in his first project in Philadelphia. He also has some insightful thoughts on where he stands in the sport he loves and hates. A lot of personality in this conversation!

Check out Talkbox podcast, which is live now! Thank you to all those loyal followers. Here's to 150!

Feb 26, 2019

In this week's episode of Talkbox, Ring Magazine's editor in chief, Doug Fischer, phones in to speak with Michael Woods. The two longtime boxing media members reminisce about the good old days when they talk about the changes in the media landscape, how PED accusations being thrown around, and even give a little news update on current fighters, such as GGG. Two great boxing insiders share a lot with you, the boxing fan, and you won't want to miss it. Episode 149 is live!

Feb 13, 2019

Three active boxers and Terence Crawford’s trainer phone in on this week’s episode of Talkbox.

Former Olympian and undefeated prospect, Karlos Balderas joins us during his fight week. The former Olympian talks all things such as legally changing his name, what he thinks of the rest of his peers in the 130 pound division, and some previous conflict he’s had with rising star Teofimo Lopez.

Next up is former two-time Olympian Mick Conlan. Mick is 27 years old and talks about where he is in his career. Is he a prospect at that age? Has he arrived or in his prime? Listen in on his mentality to stay humble, where he’s at, and maybe even where you can grab a pint with him after his next fight.

If you didn’t catch the winner of this weekend, Talkbox will refresh you with Andrew Cancio. Andrew won the WBA belt off a huge upset victory against Alberto Machado. He joins Talkbox on his coffee break from his day job to talk what it’s like going back to jackhammering, his routine while working two jobs, and who wants next after becoming the champ.

Setting our sights to the upcoming Crawford-Khan fight, Brian McIntyre phones in to close the show. He’s talking about how Crawford’s camp is going so far. Does he think Khan has a chance against his fighter on April 20? Brian is pretty honest about his thoughts.

Feb 5, 2019

Another Talkbox podcast on this Tuesday with phone calls from Teofimo Lopez and Jolene Mizzone! But first, 90 year old boxing enthusiast and returning guest, Art Lovely, joins the Everlast studio to give an update on the Tony Demarco Hall of Fame mission update, boxing in today's landscape, and other stories he's gathered from his 90 year old life. 


Next, fresh off another highlight knockout, Teofimo Lopez phones in to walk us through his perspective on his fight. The boxing community felt that there were a few different angles of controversy that arose from his knockout win over Diego Magdaleno. Was there too much talking before the fight? Was it too much? Could this have been avoided? Teofimo goes into his honest thoughts, and you won't to miss his side of the fight.


Finally, Main Events matchmaker, Jolene Mizzone joins us to talk about the Kovalev/Alvarez fight this past weekend. Was Alvarez toying with Main Events by using their beloved Arturo Gatti's walkout song? All that and more, Talkbox episode 147 starts now!

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